Two Girls One Ghost is a new podcast hosted by Corinne and Sabrina. It’s not what you think, or is it? It’s not. It’s a paranormal comedy podcast!

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?! We sure do and we bring you new haunting tales each week.

Are you planning a hike? Not anymore! What about a trip abroad? You may want to rethink that… Pack your sage sticks and prepare to find out your favorite pizza place is anything but “family friendly.”

We cover topics like black eyed kids, shadow people, haunted prions, exorcisms, visits from family members and pets, and everything in between.

Join us every Sunday as we scare ourselves, each other, and you!

Have a ghost story of your own? Email twogirlsoneghostpodcast@gmail.com and you just may hear your story on the next “Encounters” episode, released bimonthly in addition to the weekly episodes.

Two Girls One Ghost is available now on Apple Podcasts and all other listening destinations. See you on the other side!