We’re back with a brand new episode and we have some good news… we aren’t haunted! After Encounters x6 we were a little on edge, but things seem to be normal (we hope). Join us this week as we discuss haunted cemeteries. Sometimes the final resting place isn’t so restful and that’s definitely true for the Paris Catacombs and Greyfriars Kirkyard in Scotland.

As always, we share some of our listeners stories and experiences with the paranormal. If you have any ghost stories of your own or know someone who is haunted, then e-mail us the story! You know how much we love getting spooked! You can reach us at twogirlsoneghostpodcast@gmail.com

Listen to the episode here or on any other streaming platforms!

Once you’ve finished listening, here is the link to the found footage from the Paris Catacombs!

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